Thursday, March 31, 2011

How a Katrina Victim Gives Back

Today while we were working on installing a window frame at Mary Lang’s house, we were called into the main entrance for a short meeting. We soon met a man named Thomas. Thomas was there to thank us for the volunteer work we have been doing. He is a resident of New Orleans and his house was the 60th house to be rebuilt under the St. Bernard Project. This showed us what an impact the St. Bernard Project has on people’s lives considering they are now on over their 350th house and this man was still going around thanking people for their work. He told us that even though New Orleans has changed, he is still able to call it his home and it is because of the work that volunteers like us do. This really made us think about how we are not simply just building a house and trying to make it look nice for the person that is going to move in. We are creating a home and a neighborhood where families can be reunited and feel comfortable under one roof even after having such destruction and disaster in their lives. These houses are also here to rebuild generations of families to come in the future.

-Hannah and Danielle

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