Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday March 22, 2010

Today we returned to the Lower Ninth Ward. During the day, people worked on landscaping, gardening, reframing, and painting. We heard the stories of some of the homeowners and their experiences during and after Katrina. We met one person who moved back after Katrina and has helped rebuild her sister’s and mother’s house. Another began volunteering in the garden after returning and later took it over. And another person we learned has spent his time rebuilding other people’s homes and has not rebuilt his own.

For the third year, a family friend of a Gann student (now alum) brought us into their home to feed us and give us a different perspective on the storm. This year we had the opportunity to learn from a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter from the Times-Picayune about the environmental impacts of Katrina and how the changing landscape affects the area.

It has become obvious that everyone is grappling with the issues that are unfolding in front of them. We are learning that nothing is as simple as it seems. We are looking forward to working with St. Bernard Project tomorrow.

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