Friday, March 14, 2008

On the Road

March 13, 2008
Logan Airport

Although we haven’t even boarded the plane, the adventures have already begun. After getting off the bus and entering the airport, one of the NOLA workers had already left his bag outside. Luckily, EM saved the day and recovered the forgotten luggage. Tali was almost left behind since her name was entered incorrectly into the system, but soon her boarding pass was recovered as well. Despite some small hassles going through security, the group made it through and received count-off numbers. Most of the group quickly set out to explore the terminal while an already stressed out Tali realized she was missing something very important—her passport! After emptying out the five packages of gum, a deck of cards, and numerous other miscellaneous items, she remembered she had put it in her “special” pocket so she wouldn’t forget. Surprise, surprise, it was there. Good job Tali.
Tali and Nancy soon got down to the real business. They began debating over who brought more food and whose food was better. JN gave his own input and decided the homemade cookies were the best (thanks Sheryl).
The group has yet to return and the plane is ready to take off. JUST KIDDING! With 20 more minutes until boarding, everyone is excited and ready for a great flight and trip. Talk to you soon with more updates.
Thanks for reading,
Nancy and Tali

March 13, 2008
Chicago, IL

We are sitting in Chicago waiting to board the plane that will eventually lead us to New Orleans. As we patiently and anxiously await the last leg of the trip the feelings inside us are bubbling with excitement! The flight was relaxing besides the fact that Ben was poking us and waiting the entire flight for us to wake up… During the flight we had a lot of time to think as well as talk to our friends about our expectations and what we anticipate for the trip. When I first applied to be a part of this trip, I emphasized that I wanted to go because I have always felt good after helping people and I wanted that feeling again. Through the group’s meetings and preparations I realized that it doesn’t matter whether or not I feel that I am helping people, what matters is that those who have lost their homes and possessions get the help they need. -Moriah and Arielle

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